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Our Offer – Consultation, Development & Qualification

Process Consultation – Across Numerous Branches

Many logistics and accounting processes do not depend simply on one branch. Batches, serial numbers, variant configuration and other applications are therefore not only used in one industrial sector. For example, an intercompany process is used in mechanical engineering as well as in the chemical industry.

Despite some exceptions, it is not possible to implement a logistics process without an understanding of the integration with accounting – and vice versa. Due to our competent and cross module process consultation, we guarantee the optimal transformation of your processes in SAP.

We also accompany you through the implementation of new systems. In addition, we analyze your processes and customize the system accordingly and optimally. We transfer existing tools and individual modifications to the new system and adjust them to the new technical conditions.

Application Development– Individual and Custom-Tailored

In cases where the SAP Standard is not sufficient and even customization doesn’t meet your requirements, we help you find and implement solutions for your individual needs. Each of our implementations are flexible and meet current standards. Whenever possible, we use standard methods of SAP or the community.

Interfaces to and from SAP systems are implemented in a stable manner and with transaction safety. If required, we also develop individually designed monitor programs, which give you a clear overview of all processes and allows for quick and easy transaction handling.

Qualification – Trained Employees Are the Key to Success

Expert knowledge of processes is extremely vital for a company. However, technical changes and new technologies are hard to keep up with, particularly while running day-to-day business.

We see ourselves as your partner with the task of keeping your employees up-to-date. In addition, we offer training courses on various topics. At your request we present the most current SAP products to you and demonstrate how you can integrate specific products into your business processes.

Our Standard – Competent & Flexible

Target-Oriented Projects

The success of a project is first and foremost measured on whether the goals of the project were met. We strive to design project targets together with the customer so that they are verifiable and can be implemented in a realistic plan using reliable methods. If both parties achieve a mutual understanding of the approach and the targets of the project, then they will work well together to achieve this common goal.

Optimal Embedding of Your SAP System

As a general rule, we always align implementation and improvement of your SAP ERP to the process model of your company. Our consistent process orientation assures the acceptance and identification of your users in all project phases. Through this, the consistency and overall integration of business processes and functions is assured.

Mapping of Complex Organizational Structures for Flexible and Speedy Process Implementation

Flexibility and swiftness are crucial to the success of medium-sized enterprises. To maximize the potential of your company, you require a platform, which supports your day-to-day business processes and copes with changes while promoting innovation. Our experience shows that the complexity and functionality of the business processes in mid-sized companies are often the same (if not greater) than those in major enterprises.

This is where we come in. Our extensive experience in both national and international implementation as well as re-engineering projects, paired together with the appropriate approaches and supportive tools, will ensure your success. Guaranteed!


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